Westside Golf Academy

At Westside Golf Academy, we have over 30 years of experience in the golf industry and have the expertise to offer exceptional golf instruction to students. Garth Mattson, the founder, offers golf instruction as well as, fitting and all aspects of club repair, and club building. He and his partner Kyle Marvin are "Certified" Mitchell Golf Club Builders

July Performance Class 1

Our Vision

At Westside Golf Academy, we want everyone to improve their golfing skills while we provide Country Club services while teaching the game. We will also offer all aspects of a quality golf program.

We’re adaptable, and a credible member of the PGA of America.


Our mission is to promote the enjoyment of this great game we love.

We contribute to the growth of the sport by providing training and needed services to golf lovers and the community.


At Westside Golf Academy we will view and analize (sometimes with video) your golf game. We "will" build a golf swing that will enable you to enjoy your time on the course with family and friends. Focus is spent on grip, stance, posture, whether it is full swing or the all important short game.